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My work on your wall, candle holders and postcards

Below you will find an impression of some of my works in, for example, waiting rooms, restaurants and living rooms. Prices depend on size and material. Are you interested in one of these or another photo works? Please feel free to contact me to see what we can do for each other.


Impression of my photo art


Comfort Art

With my images, I hope to give comfort and warmth in the more difficult times as well as to create a positive moment (of time) in the persons life (in Dutch: lichtpuntje). I realized that sometimes it’s very difficult to find a suitable gift for certain moments of life, where you just want to let somebody know you are thinking about them. A comforting gift for illness, for Covid-19, loneliness, for a surgery or a burn-out, a separation, miscarriage, or loss of a loved one.

There are so many moments where you can let your heart speak. With this in mind I started my company Comfort Art (in Dutch: Troostkunst) and that’s the reason I developed (for instance) candle holders and postcards with my own images. 

Candle holders


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