“Special shapes and colours, abstract and sometimes mysterious images which blend to form new figures. A fascination for organic dynamics in natural images. Distinguished by fading, universal layers. That’s what I feel and see; and that’s what I photograph.

The creation of an image that you keep looking at, and in which you can keep discovering new meanings. A visualization of inspiration, an expression of feeling, intriguing by empathizing and dreaming away.

But also to find comfort, warmth, a bright spot like a candle in the dark. Transience as symbolism is often a recurring theme in my photo art.”

Photo Art

An impression of my abstract images, in which I mainly look for beautiful colors, shapes and structures. I find it fascinating to discover new worlds in my images.


Art in your interior

My work can be ordered in open and limited editions through Werk aan de Muur or to contact me. More information about the open and limited editions will be available soon.


My heart journey blogs & publications

A blog in which I share my artistic journey (with a touch of spirituality) with you. What inspires me, what keeps me busy, how does creativity work, what new works do I have created and more... Hopefully I can inspire you with the blogs (in Dutch) and do you enjoy my (photo) art.